Nicholas Alexander Baker

Nick Baker has been into music almost from the moment he was born.  Nick has perfect pitch, and almost instant recall (he literally can hear a new piece of music one time and play it perfectly).  He also has an infinite catalog of songs in his head.  Very few times can he be stumped when someone names a tune - he almost always knows it and can even tell you who first recorded it, when it was on the Top Ten, etc.

Nick started writing original music in 2000.  A personal favorite of Nick's is "Bad Behavior Blues," a song he wrote as an apology for the bus incident he sings about. 

To date, Nick has released 4 CD's.  His first CD, titled "Think Positive" (June 2001), was written for his father who died in February of 2001.  "Jingle Jazz" (October 2004) is a collection of upbeat holiday favorites featuring Nick on keyboard and vocals.  "Happy All The Time" (July 2009) is a collection of what Nick calls his "happy music."  His most recent CD, titled "This One's For You" (October 2011), is an arrangement of old favorites, and is dedicated to his mom and #1 fan, Kathy. 

In 2008, Nick graduated from Shoreline Community College with an AA degree in Music Performance.  Graduating with Honors, Nick earned 'Outstanding Honors' in both Classical Voice and Classic Piano Juries.  Nick is also a 'charter member' of the Funkngroove ensemble band.  In addition to performances on campus, this ensemble of elite musicians performs at local clubs.  Nick continued to perform with Funkngroove and helped out in the classroom each year until he left the campus in 2009.

Nick has been able to work in his home studio to record, engineer and produce much of his music.  Although totally blind, he uses technologies that allow him to work independently.  His latest passion is creating 'jingles' for radio and advertising.  Nick lives with his mom and stepfather, Kathy and Raymond Passage, in Edmonds, WA, where he participates in community service work, visiting senior centers and other similar facilities to perform for the residents.  He also visits schools and shares his music with students.

- Kathy Passage, Nick's mom -

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