Happy All The Time

This is Nick Baker's "Happy" Music.

"I am blind and so have loaded my memory banks with "audio files" over the years!  I loved listening to 70's and 80's dance tunes when I accompanied my Mom to workout classes... and video games, themes from TV game shows, all of these sounds are stored away with wonderful memories in my brain!"

Author: Nick Baker

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Jingle Jazz

Nick Baker Jazzes up Holiday Favorites!

 "Crisp, clean and bright!  Nick Baker delivers a gift of joy!"

Author: Sharon Kay, author of A Mother's Journey & Angel Fingerprints

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Think Positive 'Songs With A Message'

Songs with a Message is a wonderful and fun CD for kids.

"Songs with a Message is a wonderful and fun CD for kids. The messages are valuable and worth listening to." 

Author: Jonathan Jackson, lead singer from Enation and star of "Tuck Everlasting," a Walt Disney Production

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This One's For You

“Mom, This One’s For You.”

"Nick Baker entertains at many Seattle area Assisted Living facilities and Senior Centers.  At one of his recent performances, he was preparing to play one of my favorites, “Misty.”  I was in the audience that day and he turned to me and in a stage whisper said “Mom, This One’s For You.”  Sounded like a great album title and the rest is history!  Hope you enjoy Nick’s beautiful voice and piano skills as much as I do."

Author: Kathy Passage, Nick’s very proud Mom

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Bad Behavior Blues

"This book is truly terrific. It was so gratifying and interesting for you to share the book with me as it was in development. As I said, I could hear Nick speaking and thinking his way through his storytelling and the message is such a needed one. I am deeply honored that Nick's United By Music experiences have become part of the fabric of his life and reflected in such a meaningful way in his story."

Author: Barbara Hammerman, Co-Founder, President of the Board and United By Music North America Director

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"What a beautiful book! This gives a wonderful "birdseye view" of what it must be like to be both blind and autistic. For this young man to put his thoughts down on paper for others to read is a true blessing. Parents everywhere would do well to share this book with their children." 

Author: S. Schmit

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