Nick's second book, "Bad Behavior Blues", was released in October 2018! 

Angry words screamed or shouted at someone can be harmful and cause damage to a person just as much as if they'd been punched in the face. But words can be soothing, especially when sung aloud with music. Join Nick and learn how singing and music are a healing force in the world. 

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Now available in Audiobook form!!! Go to the link below to listen to Bad Behavior Blues on Audible!!


"Turtle" is Nick's first children's book.

 A child with multiple disabilities is teased by his schoolmates... but guess what happens? This is a story about hurt feelings and making friends. It is about having people not liking you, even when you can do special things, just because you are different from most other kids. 

 Nick would like to share his story with others. Born totally blind and later diagnosed with Autism, he experienced many challenges in his childhood and school years. 

Nick chose to partner with his mother, Kathy Passage to write about his experiences growing up with multiple disabilities. Being bullied and teased for being different was the way many of his school age peers interacted with him. Though he exhibited a wonderful talent for singing and playing various instruments, he was still often subject to ridicule. Even teaching staff sometimes did not understand the Autism piece of Nick's complex behavioral make up and rigid rules and punishments were exacted for tics and awkward behaviors that he was unable to control. 

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Now available in Audiobook format!! Go to the link below to listen to Turtle on Audible!

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